• Okogen is a developer of innovative
    Ophthalmic Anti-Infectives

    Dedicated To Clear Vision

  • OKG-0301—Lead Candidate

    Targeting Viral Conjunctivitis



Okogen serves the needs of adults and children with ocular infections by
developing therapies to reduce suffering, improve quality of life, and preserve vision.

Unmet Clinical Need

The company’s efforts are focused on infectious ocular diseases where treatments are either not available or unsatisfactory.

A Second Chance

The company has identified a new biologic entity with existing US FDA clinical data in other indications, which has strong potential for use in novel ocular indications based on relevant mechanisms of action.

Experience Matters

The company is operated by biotechnology executives with ophthalmic experience and a track record of commercial success.

A broad spectrum antiviral with a track record of human safety

Okogen’s lead candidate, OKG-0301, is a ribonuclease (member of the RNaseA superfamily) which targets degradation of specific tRNA and miRNA, ultimately leading to inhibiting protein synthesis. Therefore, OKG-0301 is an ideal candidate for stopping viral replication and thus shortening the duration of infection. Originally identified, characterized and studied as an anti-cancer drug, Okogen is leveraging an existing and extensive development history.

Strong Antiviral Effect

  • OKG-0301 anti-viral activity was greater than 98% of all compounds seen by 3rd party testing lab.

Safety & Manufacturing Understood

  • Over 800 patients dosed in previous FDA approved studies for multiple types of cancer with a strong safety profile. We know a substantial amount about the manufacturing process. Collectively, this should accelerate Okogen’s development and potential approval pathway.

Mechanism Of Action

  • OKG-0301 enters infected cells and selectively degrades tRNA and miRNA, thereby halting protein synthesis. OKG-0301 also blocks the translocation of NFκB from the cytoplasm into the nucleus which is a master inflammation regulator. Together, OKG-0301 has the potential to inhibit viral replication and accelerate patient symptom resolution.

Okogen’s focus is exclusively on diseases affecting the eye

We are initially targeting infectious conjunctivitis and have secondary programs in CMV retinitis and exotic viral infections.

Acute conjunctivitis, commonly known as ‘pink eye’, is one of the most frequent ocular diseases observed in emergency departments, urgent care facilities, ophthalmic clinics and pediatric departments. Viral conjunctivitis is the most frequent form of acute conjunctivitis, comprising up to 80% of cases of infectious origins, of which, adenoviruses cause up to 90% of cases. Currently, there are no approved therapeutics to treat adenoviral conjunctivitis.

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Retinitis is a very serious viral eye infection affecting the retina. CMV, a member of the herpesvirus family, most often causes disease in those patients with compromised immune systems. Today’s antiviral regimens are expensive and some patients have disease that does not respond to first-line therapy.


Greater than 6 million Americans annually get acute conjunctivitis. Outside the USA, this number is approximately 30 million. Of the cases in the USA, 70% of patients seek treatment, of which, it is believed that 80% is caused by viruses.