OKG-0301, a Novel Ribonuclease, Demonstrates Antiviral Activity Against Adenovirus in the Ad5/NZW Rabbit Ocular Model.

Adenovirus (Ad) ocular infections (epidemic keratoconjunctivitis [EKC], follicular conjunctivitis, and pharyngeal conjunctival fever) are the most common ocular viral infections worldwide. At present there is no FDA approved antiviral for the treatment of these infections. A novel approach to antiviral development is the use of ribonucleases, which are enzymes that degrade RNA. OKG-0301 is a novel ribonuclease that can enter host cells and preferentially degrade viral tRNA leading to an inhibition of protein synthesis. It has been previously shown to have antiviral activity against HIV2.

Learn more in this evaluation of the anti-adenoviral efficacy of topical OKG-0301 in the Ad5/NZW rabbit ocular model.